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Midlife and Beyond

Are you anxious about maintaining your mental and physical fitness as you age?


Are you struggling with a variety of feelings about your newly empty nest – or a nest that won’t seem to empty?


Are you feeling tired and disappointed in your work, your relationships and the direction your life is headed?


Are you at odds with your spouse about when or where you will retire?


Are you retired and not quite loving it?


The generation that once didn’t trust anyone over thirty is beginning to face the challenges of growing older.


Dr. McCoy can help with these and other midlife and beyond issues!


Check out her:



  • Magazine articles:  Visit the Media Room for an archive of her articles on work/life balance, relationship, and divorce from such magazines as Glamour, Redbook, and New Woman.




  • Blog Posts:

"Comfortable Invisibility"

"Meditations on Mortality"

"Geriatric Spats


"Retirement Readiness


"Making Marriage Work in Retirement"

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