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The Teenage Body Book

with Charles Wibbelsman, M.D



Winner of the American Library Association’s Best Book for Young Adults Award, this ground-breaking guide is now expanded and updated in its 2016 edition for the first generation of teens born in the 21st century. For the first time, The Teenage Body Book is available as a print book or an e-book.


This book is a valuable resource for any teen with questions about physical development, feelings, stresses in daily life and making healthy lifestyle choices. This book answers questions teens may be too embarrassed to ask and serves as a starting point for both parents and teens who want to discuss almost anything pertaining to the teenage years.


(Hatherleigh Press)




New York Times Book Review


The Teenage Body Book gives straightforward and comprehensive information on such painful subjects as sex, parents, shyness, suicidal feelings, venereal disease, ear-piercing, excess hair, masturbation, plastic surgery, weight, perspiration and contraceptives. It is a well-written large-format paperback fully worth its reasonable price.”



“This excellent and all-encompassing book answers just about every question a teenager could ask about sex, health, anatomy and emotions. The authors write in a warm, friendly tone, without sermonizing.”

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