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Personal Development/Improving Relationships with Spouses, Family, Children/

Teen & Tween Challenges/Balancing Work , Life, Family/Handling Grief & Loss/

Challenges in Midlife & Beyond/And More...


Life and be filled with challenges for you and your loved ones. But you have a lot of choices for seeking guidance and resolution!


In addition to an array of helpful books, articles, blog posts, and podcasts, Dr. Kathy McCoy also offers tele-therapy services to Arizona and California residents only. She also has a private practice in Florence, AZ. For more information, or to make an appointment, check out her therapy website: 


As her time allows, she can also answer questions posted on this site from readers around the world.

If you simply want to read more or to ask Dr. McCoy a question:


Go to the dropdown menu (under Services above) or simply click below to see which of the categories comes closest to your interests and concerns.


You will see suggestions for books and articles that may help as well as sample blog posts and links to the

“Reinventing Your Life” podcasts.

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