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Troubling Feelings

Psychology Session

Are you feeling anxious?




Isolated and lonely?


Uneasy about the future?


These are trying times to be sure. Even before the pandemic and the lockdowns when the world went virtual and political and philosophical divisions shattered some family ties, there were other stressors like frantic work schedules, long commutes, and a pace of life that didn't allow for quiet reflection, self-discovery, and healing. There are times, too, when the unease seems to come out of nowhere from within, or when the pain of the past re-emerges to limit your present and future. 

As a therapist working with clients who are trying to find inner peace, warm connections, and hope for a better future, Dr. McCoy understands the challenges. She helps people to find strategies to deal with the pain of the moment and to imagine what might be. 


Dr. McCoy can help you explore the possibilities in your life. 


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