Pets as Therapy

Are you feeling anxious?




Distressed over family conflicts?




Look no further than that sweet bundle of fur at your feet!


Studies have found that petting a dog, cat or other companion animal can lower your blood pressure, ease stress and anxiety and can help you to feel less alone. Even looking at a picture of a cute puppy or kitten or other baby animals can lift your spirits. (There’s a reason that animal photos and videos so often go viral!)


Dr. McCoy understands how animals can help their people and even strangers to deal with painful feelings. For some years, she offered animal assisted therapy to a select group of clients in her private practice, using two cats who were unusually friendly and calm. These two cats – Timmy and Marina – made a significant difference with anxious and depressed patients and with couples and families in conflict.


Dr. McCoy can show you the possibilities of animals helping in your own life. 


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