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Purr Therapy

What Timmy and Marina Taught Me About Life, Love and Loss



While research has found that petting a cat can lower blood pressure and a cat’s purr is thought to help heal body tissues and bones, cats aren’t an obvious choice for animal-assisted psychotherapy.  After all, such animals need to be friendly with strangers, and willing to be touched, petted and held by a variety of people unfamiliar to them. They have to be tolerant of loud voices and angry shouting, emotional distress, and sudden movements. It’s a tall order for any animal, but a particular challenge for a cat.  


Purr Therapy: What Timmy and Marina Taught Me About Life, Love and Loss tells how two very special cats rose to this challenge, how they helped wounded souls to heal and taught the author lessons in mindfulness, joyful living, and compassion along the way.  


(HCI Books)



Amazon Reviews


"Purrfection!" This is a "must" book for anyone who have enjoyed stories of animals who've made a difference in the lives of lonely or ill people. Any pet lover will enjoy it as well. Even if you are not an animal lover, and you think that they are not intelligent, feeling creatures, read this book. It will change your mind."


"In sharing the story of her rescued therapy cats, Timmy and Marina, in Purr Therapy, Dr. McCoy demonstrates not only the power that these small creatures have to help heal the human heart and calm the troubled spirit but she also shares her own story of love and loss in a way that any animal lover will understand. Her shared 'lessons learned' from the therapy cats can guide us all in handling our own personal conflicts, challenging moments, interpersonal relationships or times of great sadness." 

The Conscious Cat

"In Purr Therapy: What Timmy and Marina Taught Me About Life, Love and Loss, psychotherapist Dr. Kathleen McCoy shares her experience of how two very special cats helped her in her work with her patients.This book provides a fascinating and close up look at how these two cats worked with McCoy’s patients, bringing healing in often unexpected ways . . . This inspiring memoir will warm your heart, make you shed a few tears, and give you a whole new appreciation for the gifts the cats in your life have given you."


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