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Growing and Changing

A Handbook for Preteens

with Charles Wibbelsman, M.D




Many young people today are showing first signs of puberty when they are as young as eight years old. This is a guide for these preteens who need to know about the changes of puberty and how to best care for their changing bodies, but who may be too young to read about sexual activities.


The focus of this book is on the changes of puberty, fitness and good nutrition, handling stress, depression and a sense of loss many feel during the transition from childhood to adolescence. It also offers advice on how to communicate with parents, teachers and doctors and how to ask for help when you’re totally embarrassed and not sure what to say.


(Perigee Books)




School Library Journal


"This clearly written handbook on physical and emotional changes in young people fills a real need for material on physical and emotional development which does not, at the same time, get into discussions of sexual activity. Since some young people are menstruating and starting breast development as early as third grade, there should be material available for them and their peers to which to refer. Simplified line drawings illustrate chapters on sexual changes; health and hygiene; and reassurances about weight, size, and time frames in development. The message is 'You're normal' while at the same time readers are urged to see a doctor when certain symptoms are present."

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