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Making Peace

With Your Adult Children



This is a book for parents who are shocked, grief-stricken and stressed because their relationships with their adult children are not what they had hoped for after the storms and stony silences of adolescence passed.


This book is a guide through the minefields of estrangements, money issues, conflict over lovers, spouses and lifestyles, clashing expectations, communications barriers, struggles over grandchildren and more. It gives practical tips on ways to make peace with adult children and also how to find peace within.


(Willow Press)



Amazon Reviews:


"This book will be one of my forever  'go to' books. Paragraph after paragraph spoke to me and made sense."


"I recommend this book to any parent, especially mothers who have ongoing issues with their adult child, especially daughters. It hit on every emotion and issue that is affecting our relationship. Not knowing the right way to handle our estranged relationship, the author provided many options to consider. At least I no longer feel like I'm beating myself up and banging my head up against the wall. Now learning to take responsibility for my actions and stop the expectations. The author got it right...and to the point."


 "Making Peace with Your Adult Children is helping me heal by making it clear I'm not alone in my silent suffering. It's an insightful and helpful guide that, well, costs far less than a session with my shrink. What's so interesting is that Kathleen McCoy helped my children and me when they were growing up through her Teenage Body Book and Teenage Depression book. And now I'm the beneficiary of another chapter in life's saga with children -- as adults -- thanks to Dr. McCoy. And she writes so very well that this is a very easy and engaging read."


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